Friday, November 7, 2008


Crap photo, im sorry but its ok he's still gorgeous, right GEORG

My fave pic

Though grainy nd blurry its still an amazin pic nd its quite sexy dont u think!! Shame he didnt smile -.-

More crap pics

People kept jostlin me nd the place was dark so the pics came out shitty but oh well


Not too happy sat around needin a cigarette just b4 they wandered off to have one!

Bill nd tom

Talkin away as i snapped pics quickly

Thursday, November 6, 2008


At the emas! Look at the stage.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Emma: "look they gave us posh hats". Very fancy!


Yoeri with his silly hat on in the castle we went to on tuesday


Tammy lookin like a star holdin the award


Ha he looks a little stupid or drunk...either or its still a bloody hilarious pic!


Lol he looks like he's thinkin what the fuck is this thing? So sweet


Kelly nd her little ogre baby! Sehr suß!


Lookie, bill carved in metal xD


We went to wales! See, long bloody walk!


Lauren's little kangaroo called tinkerbill who came with us everywhere nd had more pics than any of us taken. Looks like he's about to fall out

Table runnin!

Emma and lauren racin around the tables nd chairs!

Happy face

Yoeri's excited face!


Constipated face!


Kim kelly nd jason sat around the table havin a laugh


Relaxin after his second plate piled high with food!


Bunch of posers, all of us but i love them really! Never stop laughin with them

Emma and kim

Posin with happy grins!


Emma centre stage as always with yoeri nd tiziana

Ha ha

Emma's eatin yoeri's head as tiziana goes crazy nd im just standin around lookin sarcastic as usual xD


Pint in hand at the bar where he belongs xD

Thumbs up!

Dam it i really cant remember his bloody name! Oh well he looks happy enough nd im 100% sure he's om the fanwalk :)


More cheesey grins!

Wide eyes!

Drinkin away, definitely looks happy!


Sinead nd one of the band members!


Ok so there were 3 english men in a bar... Sounds like some joke :) lol john ready to party tom lookin hungover though he isn't even drunk nd sean um...just standin around xD


More grins from the 3 english dudes nd emma!


Part 1 of a two part special!

And chips!

Part 2! Apparently this is how to mimic a yeah ok


Two of the 3 maltesers tam and sarah!

Specially for tye

Me nd gabriel laughin as emma tries to take the pic!

Crazy eyes!

She took the pic unexpectedly so we both ended up havin crazy eyes. Oh well, its all good i suppose'

Group shot!

Random pictures of people om nearby tables!

More groups

And again!

Such a poser

Sid in his pimp hat nd suit

Nais nais

Emma in sid's hat, it suits her!

Pic of a pic

Literally me takin a pic of emma takin a pic!


Every1 dancin nd havin fun

Lauren nd sid

Writin drinkin havin a laugh no posin for once!


Writin away on a menu, not pure why thoug!


The only part of lauren that isn't tomish at all, unless he wears pink nd stuff like that,

The award!

Its mine i tell u for bein the best th fan ever!! I wish!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy face

Yoeri's excited face!


Crazy people sat posin around the table, way too funny!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Emma lyin beside her headstone its an omen of things to come

3nd 4rd

Guess spellin is their weak point! Number are tricky i suppose

3nd 4rd

Guess spellin is their weak point! Number are tricky i suppose

Black out

Emma and kim on the bus lookin rather cold. Also, its not night, its the middle of the day, the bus has blacked out windows like we're celebrities!